Bodytec: Personalized workouts for busy people

Bodytec: Personalized workouts for busy people

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a highly effective full body workout that takes up as little as 20 minutes per week. EMS activates 90% of your body-muscle, increasing strength, toning your body and reducing cellulite. EMS can also be used to treat weak muscles as a result from injury. Of course, the “Health and Beauty” put this popular new workout to the test!

Walking up the stairs to Georgette’s boutique Bodytec gym above the Jamaican Jerk on Bush Road can be a bit nerve-wracking for the first time, when one expects to undergo electrical shocks for 20 minutes. Thankfully, you’ll soon discover that there is nothing to fear. In fact, the boutique gym feels serene; owner and trainer Georgette welcomes you with a smile and the “shocks” feel strangely satisfying.

After asking what you would like to focus on, Georgette asks you to change into a skin-tight, specifically developed, functional sports outfit resembling a scuba suit. This suit allows the electro impulses to stimulate muscle contraction in all major muscle groups: chest, abdomen, lower back, upper back, side back, arms, legs and glutes.

Georgette Berghuis-Leutscher is a certified EMS trainer and weight management consultant. Bodytec workouts are personalized one-on-one training sessions, so you get trainer Georgette all to yourself for 20 minutes!

“For over 15 years, I worked with passion as a job and internship consultant, linking students from abroad with companies in Sint Maarten, but Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Corona made it increasingly difficult to do my work,” says Georgette. “During the pandemic, I decided to start back studying (weight management consultant and EMS trainer) to focus more on health and wellness. I love to help people to become the best version of themselves – and being a wellness coach allows me to pour all the things I love into my job.”

EMS uses electro impulses to stimulate muscle contraction. The Bodytec device sends signals to the pods on the suit to cause muscle contraction. By doing so, EMS stimulates 90% of your muscles – as opposed to 30% with regular training – and accesses deeper muscle layers.

During the 20-minute sessions, you will be performing slow, low-impact exercises such as squats, lunges, and bicep curls. Meanwhile, Georgette adjusts the level of intensity to all your major muscle groups independently targeted to your personal fitness level and goals.

The device sends out electro impulses for four seconds, followed by four seconds of rest – according to the experts, this leads to the most efficient results. According to Georgette, a 20-minute Bodytec workout is just as effective as sweating it out at the gym for over 90 minutes.

Georgette explains that when we move, different processes take place in our body. Our skeletal muscles are consciously controlled from the brain. Electric signals travel to the muscles via motor nerves, which activate a motor unit that in turn activates a group of muscle fibres. During a Bodytec workout, the body’s own electrical impulses reach the muscle’s motor unit directly.

Bodytec workouts are full-body workouts, as you train many muscle groups at the same time. As Georgette explains, most people train different muscle groups each time they go to the gym by using weights and gym equipment. But with Bodytec, electrode pads are placed on the chest, abdomen, lower back, upper back, side back, arms, legs, and glutes – offering contractions of all those muscle groups at the same time and saving you lots of time at the gym. And we can attest to this: though the workout flew by, you can really feel the muscle stimulation!

At Bodytec, you can choose from three different programmes:

-Strength training: builds muscle, tighten and strengthen.

-Metabolism: stimulates weight loss and increases muscle mass.

-Body Relax: provides body relaxation and stress reduction.

In addition to EMS sessions. Georgette also offers nutrition advice, coaching, and meal plans. All business is now under The Bodytec: For more info on the device, check out

Pictures by Humera Alam.

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