Bodytec: An intimate and quick personalized full body workout

Bodytec: An intimate and quick personalized full body workout

A few weeks ago, the “Health & Beauty” introduced you to Bodytec’s Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) workouts. EMS is a highly effective full-body workout that takes up as little as 20 minutes per week and promises increased strength, toning, cellulite reduction and overall improved fitness levels. After a successful introductory workout, we decided to continue to put Bodytec workouts to the test to report back to our readers!

Because the workouts are completely personalized, you can choose to work on strength training, opt for a cardio workout or even use the impulses to relax tense muscles. After consulting with Georgette, we decided strength training would be the best fit to build muscle and tighten the body.

When we wrote about our first EMS session with trainer and owner Georgette Berghuis-Leutscher, we mentioned that although it was a bit nerve-wracking, we thoroughly enjoyed the good vibes, strangely satisfying “shocks” and great personalized workout.

By the following week, the stairs leading up to Georgette’s boutique studio on Bush Road had begun to feel much less daunting, as this time, we knew exactly what to expect. Changing into a skin-tight, scuba-suit-looking sports outfit that allows the electro impulses to stimulate muscle contraction in all major muscle groups, we were ready for the 20 minutes of low-impact exercises such as squats, lunges and bicep curls and electro impulses every four seconds.

Knowing all of that, one can focus on the workout itself. Trainers Georgette and Rey demonstrate the exercises, tell you when it is time for the next set and adjust the level of EMS intensity targeted to your personal fitness level and goals – all one has to do is follow along. And with the little chats in between and the music playlists adjusted for each client, time truly flies by. After 20 minutes, you leave the studio feeling fit, energized and content.

According to Georgette, a 20-minute Bodytec workout is just as effective as sweating it out at the gym for over 90 minutes. Most people train different muscle groups each time they go to the gym by using weights and gym equipment. But with Bodytec, electrode pads are placed on the chest, abdomen, lower back, upper back, side back, arms, legs and glutes, offering contractions of all those muscle groups at the same time and saving you lots of time at the gym. Trust us, you’ll be sore in muscles you did not know existed – try it for yourself!

Body Tec has two convenient locations: one boutique style studio located on Bush Road 66D (above the Jamaican Jerk) and one in-house studio at the Belair Fitness Centre in Cay Hill. In addition to EMS sessions, Georgette also offers nutrition advice, coaching, and meal plans. Rey also offers conventional personal training sessions.


For any questions about membership, EMS lessons or meal plans, contact Georgette at +1 721 5886963 (WhatsApp) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Website:

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