A new chance to change your life

Hi, my name is Desiree Winkel, owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. Fitness Coaching is a studio/gym where you can work out with professional trainers. Among the workout programs we offer are boot camps, cardio boxing, functional training, weight loss training, group training and personal training. We have studios in Simpson Bay and in Philipsburg that are open six days a week.

First, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody, who follows me in this wonderful life, a very happy, healthy, joyful, successful and overall adventurous 2020.

Most of the people I know understand – especially as they get older – that making resolutions won’t help you reach your goals. It’s a fact that most people who do make resolutions end up doing well for the first two to three weeks; that is because they never visualize their goal and soon forgot what their resolutions are.

This year will be challenging with the elections, carnival and then the hurricane season. I know we are always relieved when hurricane season is past, just because of our experiences.

The New Year should not be the only opportunity for change in your life. Change throughout the year is always good and necessary for our minds to grow. We learn from our mistakes and if we do it right then we move on.

Failure is good, although that may sound strange. If your goal is to get healthy and fit, then you should walk your talk – that’s my slogan anyway.

That goal of getting fit is not only going to the gym – unfortunately, a lot of people think like that – it’s changing your lifestyle, drinking less alcohol and soda, getting enough sleep, enjoying life more, not getting easily angered, relaxing more. I could go on and on, but I think you get it now.

Getting fit starts by waking up, thanking the universe or your god that you are alive, that you can breathe, that everything in your body works! It’s so easy to forget that you are healthy. Trust me, the moment you are sick, you suddenly remember what it felt like to be healthy, so do not take life for granted.

If you start the morning being thankful, you’ve already set the tone for the rest of the day. Not saying that your day will be a great one – because you never know – but no need to worry if nothing has happened yet.

I call worry the slow killer of happiness. Worry is a very strange habit of people. People worry most of the time about a lot of things that they really should not worry about, because most of the time, people worry for things that do not even happen. Can you believe this? Really, if you think of it, it’s crazy, so try to practice not to worry.

So, my dear people of St. Maarten, start your day being thankful. Use the words “thank you” a lot to people around you, but also to yourself and your universe or your god. You will see your life get brighter, nicer and healthier within no time.

We will soon start with a course that teaches you to relax and think more positively. If you are interested, please ask for information. If you have questions or need more information about cardio boxing, weight loss training, group training or personal training, call Fitness Coaching at 524-7700. We are located on Welfare Road and Juancho Yrausquin Blvd. Visit www.fitnesscoachingsxm.com; like Fitness Coaching on Facebook or Instagram.