Kenty Lichtenberg, Sint Maarten’s only Plus Size Blogger with international recognition, is in Aruba, attending the Aruba Curvy Weekend seminar and fashion show, which will enable her to share her experiences through her blog Kerai Kreative Style.

As soon as Kenty saw the event announcement on social media, it sparked her interest. She approached the organisation and they warmly extended an invitation.

Since Aruba doesn’t have a Plus Size Blogger yet, Lichtenberg decided to use this casual and social setting as an opportunity to share her experience and tips with all the Aruban plus sized ladies interested in starting a blog.

Olay and Pantene are making this possible with a “Meet and Mingle with Kerai Kreative Style”, at Darling Hair Salon & Boutique at the Antraco Plaza. While Lichtenberg shares her tips, an Olay expert in skincare will be sharing tips on how to achieve ageless skin.

Kenty started Kerai Kreative Style in February 2016. The main intention was to create a platform to inform, educate and motivate plus-sized Caribbean women to express themselves through style, fashion, beauty and personal presentation. The most important goal is to promote body positivity.

Lichtenberg is well known because of her work in marketing. “I’ve always had a peculiar style in which I combine basic pieces that fit me well and are comfortable with items and accessories that reflect the current fashion trends.”

“Besides this, I love to experiment with makeup and various hairstyles. People always approach me to ask me about my outfit, makeup or accessories. For me, it is always a great pleasure to share my tips and information about stores and websites where I do my shopping. Through the blog I make myself accessible at all times and in all places for anyone in the plus sized community.”

After a month of Kerai Kreative Style being online, it received international recognition when the plus-sized blogger, The Curvy Fashionista, mentioned it in her section of new bloggers.

Kerai Kreative Style started blooming and various companies approached me to collaborate. This collaboration is essential because it’s the only way that gets all of us the attention we need. United we stand stronger.”

In addition to covering this event for St. Maarten, Kenty Will is also covering it for Volup2 Magazine. Velvet has long fought to expand society’s limited notion of beauty by building awareness around every slice of humanity through the diversity of models that she shoots for her magazine. Volup2 is a visual celebration of diversity with an emphasis on curves, combined with a self-affirming message of inspiration.

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