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Need personal attention with your computer issues? Want quality products and service that will make you feel you got the best possible deal? Just need a little advice regarding your computer? Check out the nice tech experts at Keijzer Computers in Cole Bay’s Orange Grove Shopping Center, Unit #2, across from the Harley Davidson dealership.

Marc and his teammates Ramfis, Daniel and John are trained and experienced to fix any brand of computer, phone or TV. Important too is that they do site visits, which most customers really appreciate. Marc: “We are known for our accuracy of repairs, and we set up networks and do assessments for businesses. And we keep our clients’ privacy intact – that’s very important.” The staffers are multi-lingual, too! They can speak French, English, Spanish, Dutch and Creole!

Keijzer is a Preferred Dell Partner, making them the go-to place for Dell laptops and desktops and they are a certified Samsung Service Center, so they are well versed in repairs of those big flat screen TVs. But that doesn’t mean they only service those brands, “We’re an equal opportunity repair shop,” joked Marc. “We don’t discriminate. We’re a real computer store. That’s our focus. We can definitely fix computers, phones and TVs, and we do come out to our clients’ locations, whether homes or businesses; but we don’t do home theatre installations, sound systems or gaming systems. We do computers.”

They do offer brand name accessories for those computers, of course, including Norton Anti-virus Software, Symantec Cyber Security Software, APC Surge Protectors and Battery Back-ups, HP Printers, PNY flash drives, and personalized badge generators.

The business suffered some damage from hurricanes Irma and Maria, but the infrastructure was unharmed and wires and connections remain in good shape. Indeed, a visit to the shop feels like the storms never happened. “My team here really worked hard to get us back up and running. We did lose part of the roof, but we were lucky, it wasn’t too bad overall.” Marc insists that his business secret is keeping the focus on the customer and developing a strong relationship of trust and friendship. That is how they have survived for almost two decades and are sure to continue through any economic and meteorological climate.

Come by and check out the latest Dell computers and talk with the friendly guys at Keijzer. Call 544-3166 or email [email protected]

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