“Oh, now look at me and this opportunity

Is standing right in front of me

But one thing I know it's only part luck and so

I'm putting on my best show”

Sitting here in an establishment of some people that I know, stuffing my system with protein – now mentioning protein was an absolutely irrelevant part of this piece; but protein is king, so why not mention it? Lol...

I was thinking about how successful the business (and the people themselves) seems to be. Granted they may have had a lot given to them, but what I’ve come to realize is that opportunities are opportunities.

I feel like at one point or another in life, we’re all given opportunities to become a better version of ourselves and this is in spite of silver spoons or plastic spoons or no spoons even.

Some people may have had it “easier” and had a lot given to them to start with – that CAP-I-TAL – but it was still an opportunity that they had to both see and grasp; after that they still had to grow and maintain.

I DEFINITELY didn’t have any silver spoon privileges, but I’ve done pretty well with the opportunities that life has brought me. I am self-employed, considered a top-2 photographer on the island, coach CrossFit and – look – even write these articles that you’ve grown to love in the paper.

Besides always trying to put myself in the best positions possible, I’ve always, always, always tried to take really good care of opportunities given.

Who can you blame then? Honestly…

I’ve seen friends throughout my life also do way less with way more, though – yes, I said less with more. It’s not that opportunities weren’t presented or they didn’t have things go their way, it was just a poor handling of opportunities. I’ve seen Olympic-level speed right here on Sint Maarten; I’ve seen D1 basketball talent right here on Sint Maarten.

And, yes, I know... upbringing; circumstances; timing. But at some point, we need to accept responsibility for the things we pissed away; for the situations we found ourselves in; for the state of our lives; for the time and effort that we didn’t invest.

Much like the sun, I feel like opportunities always come back around. Just like the sun is hotter on some days than on others, but even when it’s cloudy and the sun’s effect is dull, it’s still there. So the opportunity may not come back around as strongly or as brightly, but at least it’s another chance to take a stab at it.

Sometimes, even if the sun does come back around, we may have already found ourselves in a position that we aren’t alive to see it – and that goes deeper than just physical death, but not “tew much” depth today…LOL.

And I can already see some people who are out there cursing because the opportunities they are now presented with aren’t the best. But, Homes, if you’re waiting on the 2nd, 5th, 16th time around to take it seriously, hoooow can you be mad, sway! How?

The same day I wrote this, Riegmar Valies wrote on Twitter: “I know too many talented persons that lack discipline. So much wasted potential because they lack discipline to take them where they CAN be.”

I guess we were having the same type of day…

*Siri, play Opportunity by Sia*