~ Delivering healthy, filling and very nourishing food ~

Arena Base Café has a team that is absolutely outstanding no matter what it is doing; but especially when it comes to providing delicious food. Led by Katsiaryna, the team usually turns out lunches for anyone who cares to eat healthily. A simple WhatsApp message, phone call or email sees the food arrive in time.

However, these days have been very different since the storm. Realizing that many folk were suffering the trauma of the storm, possibly without a house left standing, kind-hearted Katsiaryna without a backward thought turned her team to making and providing meals for those in dire circumstances. Setting off into areas far off the beaten tourist track, Katsiaryna and her team daily took hot meals (made from donations and her own provisioning) to those in need.

More than 7,000 meals have been handed out over the past few weeks. Children too have not been forgotten. A program was started whereby more than 900 Kids Packs were handed out on weekends. These Kids Packs always include milk, special morsels for the sweet tooth, and some healthy snacks as well. Katsiaryna will be providing 100 Goodie Bags monthly to those in need. The bags will have not only food, but cleaning supplies as well. This program is set to continue as long as is needed.

Arena Base Café is back!

Arena Base Café is back providing the usual delicious lunchtime options Monday through Friday. The menu will change weekly – check it out on Arena Base Café’s Facebook page.

All food is fresh and prepared daily. There is always a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and the meals come with vegetables and salad as well as beef, chicken, lamb or fish. There is also dessert on the lunch menu three times a week.

The weekly Lunch Plan offering well-balanced meals including carbs, proteins and fats is starting again. The plan will only be provided five days a week for now. Katsiaryna is against under-eating and these meals certainly are huge. You eat what you can as the meals are not provided according to a personalized plan.

Kid-meals are also provided on the same basis.

You can order the kid-meals to be delivered to schools – and of course all meals will be delivered to your home or office of business. There is no delivery fee.

On Saturday and Sunday, the team will still provide to those in the districts for as long as is needed.

Contact 1(721) 588-8888 or [email protected] to place your orders.

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