~ Bigger and better! ~

 Soggy Dollar Bar is moving forwards with confidence. Halloween at Soggy will be the best party on the block!

Soggy has temporarily relocated to Upperdeck Lounge (upstairs from Soggy) and together with music by the great DJs that keep you partying all night, Soggy is happy to announce that they are back with a full bar (incredible in such a short space of time after Irma dallied with the island)!

Irma don’t dally with Soggy; you will not win!

Soggy has set the date to be fully functional for Halloween! Building bigger and better, Kurt plans to make sure that everyone can enjoy their usual Ghostly, Ghastly, Creepy, Monstrous PARTY BASH just as they do every year.

Please be advised that the actual Soggy Dollar property is under construction and, until further notice, will be found at Upperdeck Lounge, which can be accessed by the stairs on the left before the entrance of Soggy Dollar Bar. Soggy will be open until midnight as the curfew allows.

 If you love Soggy, make some noise!

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