You can be part of an enjoyable evening of original music with The Shady Brothers – St. Maarten born and raised Nicolas and Geraldo Schaede – on August 18, starting at 9:00 at The Dock at Pizza Galley.

These young singers-songwriters are on the cusp of greatness, and looking forward to their first album release, with a second one set to be coming right on the heels of the first. “We have written over 100 songs,” said Nicolas. Geraldo shared, “We write songs about what inspires us, our life experiences, and of course romantic love.”

The 20-year-old twin brothers have been spending time in Europe where their career took off three years ago. They signed in France as recording artists and have played in concert venues in France, Sweden and Norway, always performing with their own material. They hit most major European cities in their first tour, at one time playing for a crowd of 55,000 people.

This will be their first concert since last year’s Heineken Regatta and the last before they embark on a fresh European tour. Their first single “Addicted to Your Love” made the charts in the top 20 in Europe and stayed there for several weeks. The song has been getting airplay on every major radio station and was even used as a theme song in an international French film. In fact, “Addicted to Your Love” is even being played on Air France’s international flights!

Acoustic guitars are their instrument of choice, but they needed to bring something more for the album, so they are just back from New York City where they collaborated with Mr. Fab ‘Fabulous’ Dupont, a Grammy-winning music producer.

Geraldo: “He has so much ability when it comes to adding instruments like electronics and drums. He takes our songs and it’s like we planted a seed and he gets a beautiful flower to grow!”

As an aside, Nicolas earned his private pilot’s license at the Grand Case Airport and has completed more than 100 landings. “That’s quite a milestone,” said his brother with pride. “It’s just a hobby,” remarked Nicolas with a shy smile.

The new album is expected by the end of this year, with a single released by October.

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