~ One Love Edition ~

First Saturdays will be a fantastic night for you to get a chance to win tickets to go to the ONE Love Reggae Concert on April 29 at Carnival Village!

Dress to impress as the dress code will be strictly upheld; this means no caps, no jerseys, no T-shirts, no sportswear – just put on your best outfits for the night. The place to be is Zoo Club in Simpson Bay when the doors open at 11:00pm. Get there earlier as the $10 admission goes up to $15 after 1:00am! Call 586-6639 for VIP reservations.

Levi Chin will be the DJ

Levi Chin was born on the island of Saint Lucia where music played an integral role in the lives of many of the communities’ youth. Burning with an overwhelming desire to become the island’s best DJ and wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, Levi garnered immense pride from listening and learning from his father because it reinforced the importance of music in his life.

Levi first played publicly alongside his father at his school’s fair when he was just 12. All too soon, he started playing for friends at various functions and then his career rapidly climbed the ranks. Now he leaves his trademark at the hottest clubs and parties around the Caribbean. A versatile DJ who is not limited to any particular genre of music, Levi transforms parties bringing a unique and energetic style that moves his captivated audiences.

Be there to enjoy First Saturday Affair and Levi Chin on Saturday, April 8, at Zoo Club!

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