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Friday night makes the whole week seem like a distant memory! Shake it off with a dinner with your special someone or just a friend who appreciates the chance to catch up over a great meal and delicious drinks.

You might overlook Vesna’s Taverna right in the heart of Simpson Bay, but those in the know have been fans of this excellent eatery for years. Vesna and her team greet returning customers like long lost friends with a broad smile and a triple kiss. From that moment onward, everything is excellent: the service, the ambiance, the wine, the food and the mood.

We popped in last Friday without reservations and quickly realized that we maybe should have called ahead, but Vesna found us a table for two without missing a beat. Soon we were enjoying a glass of Merlot and a cold Coors Light with menus in hand and a specials board on display. There was so much to choose from, but we were keeping things simple so I chose a lovely pasta dish and my dining companion couldn’t resist a big cheeseburger.

As the Friday evening hours merged into the night, we could see the typical Simpson Bay foot traffic passing by like a parade. Who doesn’t enjoy people watching? You can’t help but wonder who they are. Locals? Tourists? Yachtees? Left over regatta rats? The full range of humanity is out there with no lack of interesting clues as to their origins and destinations adorned across their images like Miss Universe sashes. The girls watch the guys; and the guys watch the girls; everybody’s happy – something for everyone.

The food arrived in no time and we dug in with alacrity; it was indeed excellent and just what was needed! My pasta carbonara was creamy and rich and the burger with fries was on point as always. We decided to have just a little something for the sweet tooth, along with a couple of espressos.

The desserts also pleased with sweetness and beautiful presentation. Lemon meringue pie to die for and an apple pie a la mode, both drizzled with warm caramel sauce. Don’t tell me you can resist such delights; they are just too yummy to describe without going to default words so often overused: delicious, excellent, etc. When confronted with an inability to describe something so wonderful, all we can say is put Vesna’s on your list for goodness sake!


Vesna’s Taverna

Palapa Marina

Simpson Bay

St. Maarten

Reservations recommended

Open 7:30am to 11:30pm

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Phone: (721) 542-5283

Website: www.vesnataverna.com


Staff friendliness: *****

Service speed: ***

Restaurant cleanliness: *****

Food quality: *****

Value for money: ****

Ambience: ****

Health-22 Kids-16






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