Get ready to experience live music like you’ve never felt before. If you’re not familiar with Fantastic 4 the local band – not the Hollywood movies or the comic books – you should get to know it. Fast. Its performances are known for the high octane energy. This Friday, January 6, Dirty Sanchez will be housing the infamous group as band members give the audience an electrified show featuring the alternative rock covers from great bands you know and love.


Doors open at 8:00pm, so make sure to get a good place to stand and head bang, because these shows tend to get you off your feet and keep you moving all night long. Fantastic 4 is slated to start its set at 11:00pm. The line-up includes covers of rock & roll legends like Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and much more. Don’t miss this super hype show this weekend! Admission is free and drinks are inexpensive! Come out and rock on the first Friday of the year!

For more information, head over to Facebook page:

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