Ask any kid, the must-have accessory of the summer is a fight spinner – and as the name suggests, fidget spinners keep kids busy. These small items tend to be the size of the palm of a hand. It has evenly distributed weight with a centre of gravity finger pad, where it is held with a finger on top and on the bottom. In the centre is ball bearings mechanics that allow for the spinner to spin for a long time with little force. Kids are quick to catch on and tutorials for tricks are widely available on YouTube. Though the original model has three even prongs, varieties range from a single disk to six or more prongs. The majority are made with a hard plastic frame while others are a metal frame. LED lights have been incorporated into fancier models, as well as pop culture logos such as Batman (2 prong), Captain America (single disc) and a dollar sign. The first fidget spinner was patented in 1993. As the story goes, a mom created it for her son who had a hard time focusing. Her son, who had a disability, could not keep his attention on the subject being taught; but with the spinner, he was able to keep his hands busy while focusing on the class. This is now the advantages being used to sell spinners. Teachers are quick to notice that spinners are actually distracting kids from lessons and most schools have rightfully banned spinners from the class. But spinners are still great for keeping kids busy in a quiet, not disturbing way. They range in price, with the cheapest noted at $2, up to fancier models at $30. As fidget spinner sales plateau and begin the descent, the fidget cube has been introduced. Though a similar concept, the cube offers more "entertainment" options, with six sides of choices available. From a roll ball, to a counter click, to a thumb joystick, and a combination lock, the fidget cube is the next generation of keeping busy. It is conveniently the size of a water bottle cap. Will the fidget cube be the next IT thing? We will see! Please remember that anything used and shared by lots of kids spreads germs, so make sure to sanitize regularly.

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