Make a Shamrock Decoration

(Use the shamrock template on the colouring page)

Bunting is a festive decoration for hanging up; here it’s a series of white flags with a green shamrock – the symbol of Ireland.


Green and white construction paper

Tracing paper


Hole punch



Ruler and pencil

Tape or tacks


Measure out 6 rectangles to form the flags on your white construction paper using your ruler and pencil. The short side should be 10cm and the long side 20cm.

Cut out your rectangles.

Fold the white rectangles in half lengthwise and cut out on a diagonal from the bottom corner to the middle fold of each one.

Punch two holes at the top straight edge (opposite end).

Open and smooth out the flags – your flags will have pointy ends at the bottom and four holes at the top to thread your twine through.

Take the green construction paper and measure out six squares with your ruler and pencil (10cm on each side) and cut out the squares.

Trace the shamrock shape from the template onto your tracing paper, carefully cut it out and use it to pencil in the shamrock shape on the green squares.

Then cut the shamrock shape out of the green squares.

Glue the green shamrocks onto the middle of the white flags.

Cut a piece of twine about 1.5m long.

Thread the twine in and out of the holes you have made at the top of the flags.

Use tape or tacks at the ends of the twine to hang your bunting.

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