Hi, my name is Desiree Winkel, owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. Fitness Coaching is a studio/gym where you can work out with professional trainers. Among the workout programs we offer are boot camps, cardio boxing, weight loss training, group training and personal training.

Last week, I met Monika, a long-time friend of mine. As you know, I am a person who loves to treat illnesses the natural way, instead of running off to the doctor and getting all kinds of medication – and the same goes for doing sports. With the right form of exercise, many patients find that they do not need to have surgery or take certain medication, but of course, that it not always the case.

Here Monika’s journey to leading a happy, healthy life.

Monika had Crohn’s disease for years and did not want to take anti-inflammatory medicine. On top of that, being the huge animal lover that she is, she had a 13-year-old dog Kiki that had a form of lymphoma. On Kiki’s stomach were six pus-filled tumours that had appeared in a week’s time and she wasn’t expected to live beyond a few months.

Monika wanted to do some research and try to solve both problems – hers as well as Kiki’s. Already, Monika had changed to a vegetarian diet, but while doing research in late 2013, she came across Dr. Doug English. After reading up about him, she checked out his Facebook group: A Turmeric Life – Turmeric User Group or TUG.

Having studied the use of turmeric in his horses and himself, Dr. English, who was answering questions live from Australia, answered every question Monika asked him. The next day, a determined Monika bought all the recommended ingredients, changed her and Kiki’s diet – and thus they began their journey together.

The single most important thing about any supplement is its bio-availability. The animal/human body can use only so much without essentially peeing it out. Dr. English has created a recipe that is absorbed into the bloodstream and stays there working for a few hours. When speaking of the recipe, Monika stated: “Initial dosing had to be small. Each person or animal only takes one quarter teaspoon two times a day to introduce it to our blood so it can absorb all. Later, you can have more frequent doses.”

A very excited Monika continued: “What happened was miraculous! Kiki's tumours went away in two months. My pain was manageable after one week. With this, I started educating people about chronic inflammation. And if we don't help our gut bacteria, we can never be well or keep disease away. So in three months’ time, Kiki's tumours were gone and I could walk or climb stairs without pain. I started all the other dogs on this too – all 16 of us.”

In the last four years, Monika has helped other people and their pets extend their lives and manage their pain, skin conditions and tumours. She has also offered help with internal inflammation and cancer and even helped my lovely dog Dash extend her life by taking these “miracle cubs” as I call them.

Monika: “Anyone can make this recipe. If you google Dr. Doug English, the recipe is there for everyone to see and make. I have taught people how to make it in my kitchen. It takes 30 minutes. The key is using all organic, clean ingredients and unrefined organic coconut oil.”

Since 2014, Monika has been using this “golden paste” for numerous occasions. She’s helped animals and humans, taught people how to make it and explained to them what the benefits are. To learn more, Google: www.turmericlife.com.au/blogs/recipes/turmeric-recipes-golden-paste

Monika is here to help you. If you would like to have her contact details, send us a message via WhatsApp and we will give you her info. Our number is 1 (721) 524-7700. Call us if you have questions or need more information about Fitness Training. We are located on Welfare Road, next to North Eastern Insurance, on the first level of the building. Like Fitness Coaching on Facebook or Instagram.

Have a great, healthy life, lovely people of Sint Maarten.