Hi, my name is Desirée Winkel. I am the owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. Fitness Coaching is astudio/gym where you can work out with professional trainers. Boot camps, Cardio box, weight-loss training, group training and personal training are just a few workouts. 

These days the media is full of health-related articles. Often, I ask myself as somebody who knows about health and fitness, how do the people who have no background in health or sports even still know what to do?

In my opinion, if the doctor gives you the “green” light you should. It has for young and old more benefits than you think. Everybody knows I am not a supporter of cross fit. Simply because I think it’s a hype and extremely bad for your body. Well, it’s proven also in several medical researches. But I do understand that athletes like the challenges cross fit brings. Let me say it’s not for everybody.  

To work out in a secure environment its important you know what you are doing. You’re your body or at least have a trainer that will guide you through the process. A lot of my clients were sceptical in the beginning. Now months or even years in the process of learning their skills and seeing what their bodies are capable of. It is great to see their improvements, and I am so very proud of them also.

Weight training by older people may build not only strength and muscle mass, but also motivation and confidence. I noticed that often people find and are worried that they might be too old or inept to start resistance training, and should perhaps try it, to see how their bodies and minds respond.

We already have plenty of evidence, of course, that weight training can help us to age well. By our early 40s, most of us are losing muscle mass at a rate of about 5 percent a decade, with the decline often precipitating a long slide toward frailty and dependence.

But older people who lift weights can slow or reverse that descent, and create better mobility, mental sharpness and metabolic health.

A study done in the states gives as example:

The researchers turned to 81 older men and women, who were part of their health database and who had agreed to begin resistance training. These volunteers were all between the ages of 65 and 75 and, like many Finns, healthy and physically active. But they did not lift weights.

For the full study, they began a twice-weekly program of supervised, full-body resistance training at the university to familiarize participants with proper technique and build a base of strength.

After three months, the group was randomly assigned to continue training once, twice or three times a week, while a separate, untrained group served as controls. Periodically, the researchers checked the volunteers’ strength, fitness and metabolic health, and also their attitudes about the workouts, including whether they found them daunting or inviting, and how difficult it was for the volunteers to find the time and resolve to show up. This routine lasted for six months, by which time the people lifting weights had almost all gained strength and improved various markers of their health, even if they had lifted only once a week.

But then, after the months of supervised lifting, the exercisers abruptly were on their own. The researchers explained that they could no longer have access to the university facilities and provided them with information about low-cost, suitable gyms in the area. But any subsequent training would be at their own volition. The researchers waited six months and then contacted the volunteers to see who was still lifting and how often. They repeated those interviews after an additional six months. They found, to their surprise, that a year after the formal study had ended, almost half of the volunteers still were lifting weights at least once a week.

Young or old, it’s proven that MOVING is the best. Not only for your body, but also for your mind. It has too many benefits not to do it… so? What are YOU waiting for? We can’t wait to see you improve.

If you have questions or need more information about Fitness training, please call: Fitness Coaching on 524-7700. We are located on Welfare Road in the same building as North eastern insurance, first level of the building. Or look at our Facebook or Instagram page FITNESS COACHING.