Hi, my name is Desiree Winkel, owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. Fitness Coaching is a studio/gym where you can work out with professional trainers. Among the workout programs we offer are boot camps, cardio boxing, weight loss training, group training and personal training.

Sint Maarten workers spend an average of 8.5 hours a day at work and commuting to and from work! Workplaces are an ideal setting for promoting healthy behaviours and preventing disability and disease through healthy, safe work environments. Even more so, healthy workplaces are good for business. Healthy work environments improve productivity and reduce costs related to absenteeism, lost productivity, turnover, workers’ compensation, and medical and disability claims. 

We at Fitness Coaching by Desiree Winkel advise, inform and enable the creation of healthier workplaces. Fitness Coaching can design for your company a wellness program that offers businesses and organizations the support they need to create healthy workplaces. We can come to your business, inspect the work situation and make healthy changes. We can also design a program for your employees to learn how to prepare their day at the office.

If your company is in need of a teambuilding event, we can create for you a fun event that would bring employees and employers closer together.

How important is it to have happy employees? I don’t have to explain this to you. But even more important is the fact that your employees will like their job more and thus give their 100% during the day.

Here are some examples.

  1. Think positively

Positive psychology shows that when you think positively, you’re happier, and more productive.

Alternatively, if you’re thinking negatively, you will attract negativity into your life. This is also known as the law of attraction. The benefits of positive thinking go beyond just being happy, and can actually rewire your brain to develop new skills.

  1. Give feedback to manager

Employees aren’t the only ones that need feedback. Managers often need to hear how they’re doing, and how they can improve. If you think your manager is not as attentive as they should be, call them out on it – in a polite way of course. The manager will appreciate your honesty, and you’ll both feel better.

  1. Use water over cola

The effects of soda to your body are almost too scary to think about. The damage done by soda is so big, and even the diet versions don’t work. Also, there is so much sugar in cola that you will end up crashing mid-afternoon. If you want to be healthier and more productive, choose water over cola. Your stomach will thank you for it.

  1. Solve a situation

You should be recognized and rewarded if you solve an issue inside your organization. Not only that, but you should feel proud of yourself. That sense of pride will end up leading to higher productivity, because you’ll be more confident about your work going forward.

  1. Refer a new candidate

If you like where you work, then you should help your friends out, and refer them to the company. Not only will your friend thank you, but also the HR manager at your company will thank you as well, since you’ll be helping them with their job.

  1. Water the plants at the office

If there are plants in your office, give them water to live. Don’t assume that someone else will do it for you; it’s a nice gesture to make sure that your work environment is healthy and alive. It can be a little demotivating to look over from your desk and see a dying plant. You can also water a colleague’s plant for them; it’s a very nice gesture.

  1. Praise you colleague

Everyone loves praise. Take some time out of your day to show some love to a co-worker, to keep them motivated and encouraged to do more good. You’d be surprised at how meaningful a simple praise like “good job” can be to someone. We never know what’s going on in other people’s lives, and it might just be the thing they need to help them have a good day. If you’re a manager, then praise your employees all the time; remember, they look up to you.

  1. Suggest an improvement

Don’t be shy to suggest a new idea, or new process improvement. You’ll earn points in the eyes of your manager, even if the company doesn’t implement the idea. If the company does end up implementing your idea, it will be a huge boost to your productivity, because it will boost your confidence.

  1. Eat fruits and veggies

Eating fruits and vegetables is important for your health, and to maintain good energy levels at work. You need to be productive all day long, and learning to increase your energy and manage your energy levels will be crucial for optimal productivity.

  1. Bring your meals from home

I would argue that bringing a meal from home is good for the environment, since there is no need to drive anywhere to pick up food, and no delivery car is coming to you, which will therefore reduce greenhouse emissions. Also, chances are whatever you’re bringing from home will be healthier than the food you would end up buying, which is another good reason to bring food from home.

What teambuilding is

Teambuilding activities are a way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communications, and improve morale and productivity. Employees benefit through experiencing a sense of accomplishment in working as a group to complete a challenging task and learning ways to improve communication skills. Teambuilding allows employees to return to the office reinvigorated and with a new set of problem-solving skills.

Improved communication

Teambuilding is useful for breaking down barriers between individuals through group participation in activities. People who are not used to working together get a chance to participate and work as a team. By working through a task, the multiplicity of skills within the team is highlighted and the group learns new ways of working together. Teambuilding activities that highlight communication allow participants to experience for themselves the importance of good communication and develop new ways of accomplishing this.

Time to develop skills

In a busy office environment, it can be difficult for employees to find time to develop new skills. Managers often do not have time to discover what additional skills employees possess. Teambuilding activities can allow each member of the team a chance to take charge and develop leadership skills, as well as skills in other areas of the business.

Long-term benefits

Team experts have found that a strong team can lead to major gains for every small business. These include the ability to maximize profitability by allowing individuals to better combine their skills to achieve more; meeting cross functional challenges and being able to respond quicker to rapid change; retaining the best people by giving everyone a greater sense of involvement and belonging; and empowering teams to become more mission focused and to achieve more with fewer directions while saving time and money.

Better relationships

Teambuilding provides a chance for the team to participate together in an experience where everyone starts with an equal level of knowledge about the given task. The novelty requires people to draw on and create team process skills to complete the task successfully. The challenge of a new experience also requires employees to collaborate and work together in close proximity, which helps to develop relationships quickly.

These are just a couple of tips for you. If you think your company needs some help or you want to organize a family day or teambuilding event, please call us at 524-7700. Contact us also if you have questions or need more information about Fitness Training. We are located on Welfare Road, next to North Eastern Insurance, on the first level of the building. Like Fitness Coaching on Facebook or Instagram.