Hi, my name is Desiree Winkel, owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. I’ve been working for years in my own personal training studio with clients who like to get fit and healthy, and even those who are in pain. My clients love to train in a cosy, clean, and absolutely friendly atmosphere. Follow what we do on Facebook on our page Fitness Coaching.


Our busy lifestyles make healthy choices difficult. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes combined are the number one cause for death in the United States. These preventable diseases have affected the lives of millions. Running two companies, training five to six days in a week and then make time for grocery shopping, my life is often hectic and it’s hard to plan my meals.


I have to be honest, though; I really do not like to cook – sorry, guys, that’s the truth. To make up for me not liking to cook, I used to prepare my meals by cooking one day in the weekend. I would sweat in the kitchen as I cooked meals that would last for at least four days in the week. I mean the food was good, but bringing variation to my food is also not my biggest quality.

Then a plan I had myself for years to make life simple was brought to reality by two companies. When I found out that some of my clients had gained weight instead of losing weight by eating from one of them, I was not very pleased. Because I knew I would gain a little weight coming back from my adventure trip, I decided to start the meal plan for a couple of weeks. I signed up by FIT FOODS and I have to tell you right away that I love it. My life has become less busy just because I do not have to think what I want to eat. No shopping and – lucky me – no cooking.


I quote FIT FOODS: “We have made it so simple for the customer who wants to lose those extra pounds for themselves, for the competitions stage or just to improve your eating habits to maintain a healthier body by doing all the work for you, literally. The menu at FIT FOODS is like no other, it consists of real nutrition, because it is real food that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins that are free of steroids, hormones and antibiotics. The concept is based on a Paleo or Ancestral diet which advocates eating foods in its most natural for. You will find a wide range of items to suit every palate: the strictest vegan, the caveman meat eater as well as the competitive athlete.”

When I came back from my adventure climbing Mt. Everest, spending days in the jungle of Cambodia, I was not feeling too good. I have a problem with eating food that includes rice, and the food choices I had on this trip were not many unless I would have taken a chance to get food poisoning. Therefore, I ate rice most of the time. I’m back in Sint Maarten, but in my last weeks of traveling, I ached everywhere. It felt as if my bones were broken and I really suffered. The thing is that as a professional fitness trainer, I can show my aches and pains to my clients.


When I started the food plan with FIT FOODS, I was wondering if the food would be of that calibre that I would lose the pains. I was so happy to find out within a week that the pains had lessened. I now feel energetic and pain free. I just love FIT FOODS. They bring me my food every day from Monday to Friday. I get breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is all I eat – nothing more, nothing less. The food amount is enough and you can tell very well balanced.


I believe people may think it costs more than if you cook for yourself. I can imagine that if you live with more than one person in the house, it may be; but I live on my own and I spend about the same amount on my food as I pay for FIT FOODS. I think for health reasons, it is very important to eat as clean and as healthy and fresh as possible. Therefore, I think they still offer high quality food without compromising affordability. You should try it; call FIT FOODS at 1 (721) 543-1315. I send a lot of clients to them and with success. They really make the time for you and help you decide what plan fits you the best.


Spend time, change habits and live happy for you and your child. Let me help you! If you have questions or need more information about Fitness Training, call me, Desiree Winkel, at 524-7700. We are located on Welfare Road, next to North Eastern Insurance, on the first level of the building.

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