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“A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself ... a costume ... that differs according to the woman who wears it.” ~Paloma Picasso

Perfumes are fun to experiment with and are an integral part of dressing up (or down) these days. But fragrances have a rich and fascinating history and their origins can be traced back thousands of years.

History: In 1370 the first alcohol-based perfume was created for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Elizabeth, well known for her great beauty, was 72 when a Polish king of 25 asked for her hand in marriage.

Our Sense of Smell: Sinus disease, respiratory infections and head injuries are all common causes of persistent loss of smell. Prolonged exposure to toxic substances such as air pollutants, industrial chemicals, tobacco smoke and certain drugs can diminish and even damage the olfactory cells.

Fragrance Fact: Everyone has a unique smell-print. Like thumbprints, our sniffing abilities are exclusive. In fact, due to scent blind spots, there are specific odours you just can’t detect. Now you know why your best friend’s new floral perfume just smells saccharine sweet to you.

Fragrance Tip: If perfumes don’t last on you, layer your scent. Buy a set with scented lotion and perfume. Layering your scent this way makes it last all day.

Classic Fragrances: Fracas was first launched in 1948 by the Robert Piguet house and then reissued in 1998. Intoxicating fragrance in Parisian style, known for its refined simplicity. Fracas comes in a recognizable black bottle. It opens with freshly sweet notes of bergamot, mandarin and lilac. The heart brings lovely fusion of white flowers. Tuberose, exuberant and seductive, nicely blends with pure, clear and intensive notes of jasmine, white narcissus, gardenia, lily of the valley and white iris, with a hint of orange blossom and violet embraced by sandalwood, vetiver and sensual musk in the base.

Trends: The over-connected world of around-the-clock communication continues to expand, fuelling the consumer’s yearning to unplug, slow down and return to life’s simple pleasures. The trends in fragrance echo this intrinsic movement to embrace the “natural” and incorporate its ethereal yet grounding, gentle yet dynamic influences in one’s fragrance wardrobe. The consumers’ search for authenticity has driven demand for products that exhibit organic, unrefined qualities and contain ingredients that mirror the pure, raw, native and vitalizing character of land, sea, fire and sky.

Question: Are certain men’s fragrances also best for certain seasons? Yes. As with women’s fragrance, heavier notes are best in the colder months; lighter fragrances are more suited to summer weather. If you like to wear the more potent, heavier fragrances year round, consider using the lighter aftershave version as a body cologne in warmer weather.

Perfume Names: Ksenia has named her perfume created at Tijon “From Paris to Rome” and describes it as a wondrous journey to the site of memories. The fragrance opens with top and middle notes of fig, green aloe, clove, bamboo teak, sunflower, lemongrass and sage and finishes with base notes of vanilla, amber, white musk and musk.

Oil Spotlight: Did you know that musk is actually potent, reddish-brown substance secreted by male musk deer? Since it requires killing an endangered animal, it’s rarely used for perfume today – instead, perfumers use materials that mimic traditional musk, like ambrette or synthetic raw materials.

Last Thought: A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.

Tijon Parfumerie is located in Grand Case where there are 23 signature perfumes offered and a lab where guests can create their own fragrance.

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