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Mmmm, whatcha say

Mmm, that you only meant well?

Well of course you did

Mmmm, whatcha say

Mmmm, that it's all for the best?

Of course, it is.

Global Brand Ambassador for the Stoli Group, Simone Bodini, is here on St. Maarten. He is here to introduce the local palets to the smooth taste of Elit by Stoli. While here he will be doing a full masterclass tour, starting with radio interviews, then a private masterclass on the island and in St. Barths. Simone will also be guest bartending at ROXXY Beach.

St. Maarten’s favourite Rendez Vous Lounge at Rhine Road in Porto Cupecoy has a new manager. Kenton Suckoo, who joined Rendez Vous about a year ago, brings to the table more than 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is ready to do what is necessary to ensure that the lounge remains the number one choice for diners on the island.

~ A look into the underbelly of what it’s really like to be a mother ~


As of late, I find my fascination with pregnancy growing. What started as a pet project to connect with readers for a maternity-themed “Health & Beauty” turned into a full-blown information rabbit hole. For the past few months, I have been trying to understand more about how tiny humans develop inside of their female human homes. This drew me to asking real mothers about their experiences and found that many of them were quick to demystify a lot of what I had read and/or provided confirmation of others situations.

By Dr. Colin Michie

Dr. Colin Michie is a paediatrician specialised in nutrition, haematology and infectious diseases. He works as the Associate Academic Dean for the American University of the Caribbean Medical School in St. Maarten of which Bo Peng is a student.

Camels are one of the oldest breeds that come from prehistoric times. Camels are mammals (this means that camels have babies, they do not lay eggs.) Camels are also called Afro-Asiatic Camelids, and there are just two kinds of camels in the world. People have domesticated (made them pets) camels for about 5,000 years. These “pet” camels are used to carry things, and let the owners ride them. Their hair is thick and good to turn into blankets, and clothing. They are used for riding and to carry things and they are also used for food.

Beyond Kultura Events Foundation (BKE) hosted Kids Night Out, a storytelling night, on the evening of Saturday, July 6, in Philipsburg Cultural Center. Many children and their parents showed up and enjoyed the programme: a variety of dancing, singing, skits, gymnastics, and even a raffle for great prizes!

The concept of the Little Free Library has blossomed into a worldwide movement since it started 10 years ago – a legacy of the late Todd Bol, who built the first “library on a stick” with wood from his old garage door in Hudson, Wisconsin.

~ St. Maarten’s Backyard Astronomy for July 20 & 21 ~

Sun rises at 5:46am

Sun sets  at 6:50pm

Moon phase: 3rd quarter, waning gibbous

Moon sets: 8:46am, Saturday

Moon rises: 9:39pm, Saturday