Dear Queenie,

  My parents are very religious and brought me up in their church. However, when I was in college I started to get interested in how other churches and other religions worship and I learned a lot about them.

  Now I am engaged to a man who is of a different faith than my parents and I have been going to his place of worship with him. My parents have noticed that I do not go to church with them anymore and they want to know what I am doing instead.

  Queenie, should I tell them the truth or try to cover up what I am doing? I don’t want them to get mad at my fiancé for converting me, because that is not what is happening. I made my own decision.—Daughter


Dear Daughter,

  Even if he did not make any effort to convert you, I am sure your feelings for your fiancé had – or will have – some influence on your final decision.

  Do not lie to your parents. Sooner or later they would learn the truth and the fact that you had lied to them would only make matters worse. If you have decided to convert to a different religion than theirs, you must have the courage and the strength to stand up for your beliefs – and hope that eventually they will become reconciled to what you have done.