Dear Queenie,

  I am engaged to a man from a family that my family does not like – we’re sort of like Romeo and Juliet, I guess.

  When they heard we got engaged both families made a big fuss and everyone said they would have nothing to do with arranging the wedding and they wouldn’t even attend, and neither of us would be welcome in the other family’s home.

  Queenie, is there anything we can do to make things better?—Unhappy fiancée  


Dear Fiancée,

  I doubt it. These feuds have a way of going on forever.

  One thing you might consider is have both of your DNAs checked against each other. Could it be possible that the reason for the rift between the families was a long-ago relationship that went bad and that you and your fiancé are related – possibly very closely related – and that is why the families are so opposed to your marriage?