Dear Queenie,

  Now that it is getting warmer outside, my wife insists on closing the windows and turning on the airco to keep cool. I would prefer to keep the windows open so we can have fresh air in the house, but she says the breeze brings in too much dust.

  Queenie, who is right?—Disrespected husband


Dear Husband,

  This is not a matter of who is “right” or “wrong”, but of personal preferences. It is also a matter of where you live – for example, if you live anywhere near the often-burning “sanitary” landfill, I would tend to side with your wife, dust or no dust.

  If you cannot work out your differences together, try to get professional counselling – together.

  One final thought: Can your air-conditioner be set to bring in outside (fresh) air through a filter to keep out the dust? Of course, the filter may have to be cleaned or replaced frequently, but the benefit might be worth the trouble/expense.