Dear Queenie,

  When my husband and I got married he had a dog that was getting kind of old. I don’t much like dogs, especially to have them in the house, but I put up with it for my husband’s sake. Eventually the dog died of old age and my husband took it to the vet to be cremated.

  The problem is that when he took the dead dog to the vet, he wrapped it in a quilt that my mother made for me when I was a child and they cremated the quilt along with the dog.

  Queenie, I loved that quilt. It was a gift from my mother who has been gone for many years now! How could he do that to me?—Angry wife


Dear Wife,

  Did your husband know the history of the quilt and how much it meant to you? If not, if he thought it was just another piece of bedclothes, try to forgive him for what he did in his grief over the loss of his dog.

  However, if he did know how you felt about the quilt, and about the dog, he may have been trying to make you share his grief over his loss.

  Either way, he owes you a sincere apology, and you should try to forgive him.