Dear Queenie,

  Whatever I say or do, my husband says the opposite. If I say I like something he’ll say, “No you don’t.” If I like a TV show he thinks it’s stupid. Anything I want to do is not worth the trouble, and whatever I do I’m not doing it right.

  Queenie, why does he do this. And how can I get him to stop?—Frustrated wife


Dear Wife,

  I seems your husband enjoys “pushing your buttons” and/or is trying to control you. When he starts in on you, smile and say “Yes, dear” as sweetly as you can, then ignore him and go on with whatever you are doing.

  You might also consider professional counselling to help you learn to cope with his behaviour. You might even be able to get him to go with you, thinking he can control that situation, in which case I think he will be in for a BIG (and unwelcome!) surprise.