Dear Queenie,

My girlfriend and I have been going together for a couple of years and I have proposed to her but she won’t say “yes.” I think the reason is that she has known some abusive men and is afraid of getting trapped. In fact, she want us to see each other less often.

I get lonely and want to go out for lunch or coffee with other women just to have someone to talk to but she says that’s not okay because we are supposed to be exclusive to each other.

Queenie, am I being unreasonable or is she?—Lonesome lover

Dear Lonesome,

Your girlfriend does not seem committed to you, but seems to want you to be committed to her. This does not seem fair to me, but if you want to cater to her feelings, it would be a good idea to forget about other female companionship and stick to going out with only your male friends.

However, if it is marriage you want, you may have to find another prospective mate.

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