Dear Queenie,

When my daughter-in-law went to the hospital to have her first baby she said she didn’t want anyone but her husband there on the day the baby was born because she wanted time to bond with her baby.

I brought some flowers for her and gave them to my son to give to her and he took me to the nursery to get a peek at the baby through a window. When his wife found out I had been there she got upset and now she won’t let me see my grandchild at all.

Queenie, how can I make this right?—Sad grandma

Dear Grandma,

You should have respected your daughter-in-law’s wishes, however unreasonable they may have seemed to you. You could have waited a day or two to see your new grandchild.

Your son and his wife are the child’s parents and they get to make the rules regarding their children. Apologise profusely and, if you want to remain in contact with them, abide by their rules.

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