Dear Queenie,

I met a guy and went out with him and had a great time and he said he wanted to take me out again. A couple of days later he texted me and asked for my schedule so he could plan our next date, but after that I didn’t hear from him for more than a week until he sent me an e-mail apologising for not calling because he had the flu.

Queenie, couldn’t he have at least texted me or e-mailed that he was sick and would call when he got better? Should I give him another chance or just forget about him?—Ambivalent

Dear Ambivalent,

So while he was down with a fever and probably sick to his stomach as well, you think he should have had the fortitude to send text messages or e-mails on the way to the toilet to empty his stomach? Give me a break (and him too)!

Yes, give him a chance to show you what kind of person he is when he is in good health. You can decide after another date or two or three whether you want to go any further with him.

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