Dear Queenie,

I love my boyfriend but I’m not sure I can trust him. When I call him at work he’s not always where he should be and once when I followed him I saw him chatting with a girl in line at a fast food place.

A friend of mine told me she heard he was thinking of breaking up with me because I don’t trust him but when I asked him about it he said it wasn’t so, if he was going to break up he would have done it already.

Queenie, should I believe him?—Doubting Tomasina

Dear Tomasina,

The fact is you do not trust your boyfriend and he knows it. Apparently he is willing to put up with your distrust for now, but how long before it gets to be too much for him to handle? And has he ever given you any real reason to distrust him?

You should have an open honest discussion with him about this. And possibly professional couples counselling would help you both deal with this issue.

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