Dear Editor,

  We are approaching again another year whereby the numbers 10-10 appear. These famous numbers 10-10 appear when the Netherlands Antilles decided to stop existing in the constellation that they were. They decided to stop co-existing in that constellation, but did agree to continue to cooperate with each other in the most delicate situations. Those are anchored in the Rijkswet.

  “Everyone on their own force, but with the will to support each other” –  

“Ieder op eigen kracht, doch met de wil elkaander bij te staan” (Dutch version).

  Those numbers have also a meaning for the members of the Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM. Since the early beginning when the Police Force became on its own in the new constellation, the members had mixed feelings about it. But slowly but surely they made it one of the Police Forces in the Caribbean which the community can recon with.

  It is also no secret that we are a force with a young generation, and that is growing in experience and knowledge. They are guided by the veterans, who are committed to make them and the organization the best in the region. This organization is one that also its rules and regulations. It supposed to be an own society whereby norms, religion and value are the basic. While working towards these goals, for their organization, the members also are looking forward to their placement in the new organization, which should have been done since these numbers 10-10-10 and not 10-10-?

  This leads us to understand the following:

- that St Maarten itself was not ready for this, especially in the Justice chain

- that so far we in the Justice chain are the most who are suffering from the change

- that the way St. Maarten is taking care of its own, let me wonder

- it makes me wonder why we always have to fight each other in order to get what we deserve or is owed to us

- it makes me wonder why we all cannot get along.

  June 2019, during the Parliament hearing of the Justice Committee, whole St Maarten found out how the members of the Police Force are being ill-treated for nine years. We are using this terminology because of these reasons:

  We work with it on a daily basis

  And because we cannot find another word

  Despite knowing that we are being ill-treated, these members never lost the hope that one day God will be on their side. They have never lost the hope that God will never fail them.

  September 6, 2017, St. Maarten suffered from a devastating Hurricane Irma. We all are still suffering, but we stand strong. There are members of this Police Force who are still dealing with the after-effect of Irma.

  On Thursday, October 10, 2019, another year will have gone by without a positive answer from the Minister of Justice or his caretaker to the members of NAPB [the police union – Ed.].

  Is there any reason for celebration? Is there any reason to spend money from a budget that has limited or no funds?

  The members have been proud and loyal to their duties of their force with or without any celebrations.

  Despite our setback, despite lack of attention from the concerned authorities, we of NAPB would hereby encourage its members to attend the invitation to the ceremony sent to you, on behalf of your management team, in order to show that despite all the ups and downs, nobody can break us. 

  For the Men and Women in Blue I’d like to thank you for all that you do!

  We’re not just cops, We’re KPSM Family!

  To everything there is a season – a time to keep silence and a time to speak. Ecclesiastes 3:1,7


Rogerrel E. Mauricia

President of the NAPB