Dear Editor,

  This is an article to clarify and clear the Club High Up owner’s name from the incident that took place on November 18, 2018, on Simpson Bay Road.

  I didn’t testify or give a statement identifying no 1. I was working in the bar when the incident occurred on the road. I was asked to come in at the station about the incident.

  When I was asked about a Rastafarian man, a skinny person and a broad-shouldered man, of which hundreds of people in the club fit the description, I told them I don’t know who they’re talking about. They brought a sheet of paper with six people on it, asking if I know them. I responded, “No, first time seeing them.” Then they told me two had died the following night in a different incident. I again told them I don’t know anyone in the picture. Then they said it was okay to go.

  I didn’t have any knowledge of a court case nor have I ever been in the Courthouse to testify, so I just want to make it clear that I have nothing to do with that incident.


Owner High Up Club

Simpson Bay