Dear Editor,

  The following is a prayer we say during the hurricane season every Sunday at the Anglican church. "Almighty and everlasting God, Lord of Heaven and earth, grant unto us, your suppliant people, protection against hurricane, earthquake, volcano, tsunami, tornado and other calamities, that in tranquillity of weather we may rejoice in the comfort we ever desire, and may always make right use of your bountiful goodness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,"

   We have had our share of hurricanes over the years. As has become customary at the end of every hurricane season, we come together in a combined service to give thanks to our Lord for taking care of us during the past season. I have seen the ravages of Dorian and I am calling on the people of this island to not wait until the end of the hurricane season, but to repeat that prayer daily.

  I am aware of scepticism and also of atheists,  but I am also aware of the saying:  "Nothing beats a failure but a trial" or "No you have, yes you can get" . So, with that faith, if we say that prayer or whatever other prayer for protection and tranquil. By doing this as often as possible with dedication and conviction during the hurricane season, hopefully we'll make more  believers.


Russell A. Simmons