Dear Editor,

  How much longer will TelEm continue to provide this lousy service to the former subscribers of Cable TV? Since the passing of Hurricane Irma in September of 2017, the previous customers of Cable TV have been catching hell, with this mediocre service – an imposed arrangement, provided by a company that has absolutely no regard for its customers, nor possesses the knowledge of how to operate the cable business.

  Consequently, the majority of us had to wait more than a year to have the service restored. In my case, I settled an outstanding bill November of 2017, which consisted of the few days in September of the same year. In the process of trying to reconnect the service, I was told that I owed an amount. I presented my receipt to counteract the claim. Then, the customer service agent gave me a tab to present to the cashier.

  When I thought that everything was settled, I was confronted with the same bill again, upon my return to pay my monthly subscription. I presented my receipt, but it was not acceptable to the cashier. I was told to pay the amount or take up the matter with the service agent. I decided not to waste any more time on the issue, and so I paid the invoice again.

  As time goes by, I heard the cries of others, who are still waiting to be compensated for the service that was paid months in advance, prior to Hurricane Irma. That is not all: nowadays, it has become customary for us, the clients, to experience consistent outages and with little or no explanation whatsoever. How could this be, in a government-owned company that is supposed to set the tone for exemplary customer service?

  Imagine, less than two weeks ago, cable was off for a whole day. This week Monday, the same thing occurred, and only on Wednesday I got back cable, with still just a few channels to look at. The sad thing about it is that I never heard one announcement on air or in the newspaper, to indicate the dilemma. We, the clients, were left all alone to figure out the problem.

  What is very suspicious, is that TelEm seems to be selective with which channels it chooses to put back on stream. How is it that not even the local channel is on, and the most popular ones? Is this the tactic that TelEm is using, in order to force the subscribers to buy into its new and expensive package that was unveiled a few months ago? If this is so, it is immoral and unprofessional. I will not subscribe to this bundle.

  With this inconsistency and failure to provide adequate service to its clients, does the Management of TelEm find it fair for us to pay the full amount, when our next bill is due? One thing about Cable TV, it was always its policy to compensate the subscribers anytime that company did not deliver the proper service to the clients. It was a fair provider, and the former employees were always there to help.

  Besides these major outages, the cable goes off several times during the day, and no one at TelEm has the decency to explain anything to the public. Instead, the blame is being pushed around as if no one is in charge. If the financial manager is failing to do her job, then fire her! As CEO of the company, we the people, expect and deserve a lot more than what is being offered.

  Everything has worsened since TelEm has purchased Cable TV. It is obvious that the company is not capable of handling the operations of a cable network. So, the best solution to this ongoing problem is to put back the operation into the hands of professionals – experts, with the knowledge of how to operate a cable network, and those who value the patrimony of its customers.


Joslyn Morton