Dear Editor,

  Greetings in God’s name.

  Let me get straight to the point, every time you open the paper you hear Mr. Lee or Giterson or the Minister of Justice, but people do forget very fast. They say Minister of Justice is not doing anything when it comes to Mr. Theo. Do you remember when Mr. Fernando scandal his name of the Minister of Justice so bad and all was a lie? Then they lie so bad on Mr. Franc they even lock him up. Then it went on Mr. Johnson Minister of Tourism – then all lies and if they could have locked him up they would have as well.

  Now come back to Mr. Giterson: I use to drink as well and nobody who does drink can tell me that they don’t know that you could of drink last night, went to sleep and the alcohol does not leave your blood right away; you get up, you are not drunk but the alcohol is still on your breath. Please stop the stupidness. I am using this because I know, I used to drink more than 36 years and sometimes I feel if I take a blood test rum will be there still and I haven’t drunk a drink for almost 4 years.

  They say all kind of things on Mr. Lee because they want him to be their puppet and it can’t work. When they ready they are on the Prime Minister – they say she give away St. Maarten. When are they going to stop and work together?

  They say so much about Mr. Marlin. They say Christophe gives away land, before he leaves office he wanted to fix the dump but they would not let him do it, when it has almost everybody dying to check how many people died after Irma and people still don’t have a home.

  When Mr. Wathey was ruling people used to get help and then you hear that all kind of things bad. When are the people in office going to grow up and help people? I am homeless but I make my home in a container. God is Great.

  I am begging all the ministers to help the people they say they love; they say they love their people and their country.

  Stop fighting. Put God in your heart, so stop fighting, ministers. Luc Mercelina know that to vote against Mr. Lee so he did just what they wanted him to do; he forgot how he got on the list, who recommended him – he forgot.

  Again the same person he is against today. God doesn’t like bad, he doesn’t like ugly. They have a saying: “Stop spitting in the sky.” Put your heads together and start helping the people. We need help, not only fights. When are they going to stop and care for their people?


From the Homeless

Avril Gumbs