Dear Editor,

  A sad scene played out on the Pondfill road by the old government building on Monday afternoon. Hundreds of drivers drove past a fairly-decent-sized turtle trying to cross the road. The result: someone crushed that turtle to death. It saddens that of hundreds of people passing, no one took the moment to stop traffic for less than a minute to help the turtle to the other side of the road.

  We can put forward all the excuses about holding up traffic and being scared to touch a living creature, but it should be noted that a society that cares not for the welfare of living creatures is a society doomed to inflict cruelty on fellow humans.

  So, please remember that we share this planet and island with all living creatures. A bit of kindness to the iguana, the kitten, a dog, a crab, that monkey or even that pigeon and, oh, man. How often do we see a turtle crossing the road? Kindness, my fellow residents of St. Maarten, for any living being would go a far way to prove that we are an island of caring people.

  I look forward to seeing us as a people stopping traffic to give way to life.


A future traffic stopper