We, the School Bus Owners, take offence of the degrading remarks made during the budget meeting on Wednesday, June 26, by MP Silveria Jacobs, when she stated the school bus transportation is ripping off government.

We find her statement to be highly offensive and insulting towards the men and women who go out of their way to get school children to and from school safely.

Contrary to what Ms. Jacobs would like to make people believe, School Bus Owners notwithstanding their operational cost, charge a maximum a mere NAf. 75 per trip from as far as Maho to Milton Peters College, for the same price since 1987.

We would like to hear from Ms. Jacobs if there is some ulterior motive as to why she continuously bashes the School Bus Owners and through this tries to make the public believe what she has and continues to state.

For many years we have been trying to work with government in regard to school bus transportation, however, to no avail.

Our silence ought not to be misjudged. Enough is enough!


SXM School Bus Owners Association