Dear Editor,

The votes of no-confidence tabled against Ministers Miklos Giterson - VROMI; Cornelius de Weever-Justice; Perry Geerlings - Finance and Emil Lee - Health were imminent for quite a while. What has stalled these executions is that the MPs, who support these verdicts, were acting on a directive of how and when to implement them. The chain of events is there to enlighten the public as to who is behind these commands.

However, viewing the argument brought forward to dismiss the VROMI Minister is debatable. Even though the implications of the court’s ruling do not fit the behaviour that is expected of a minister, is it a fair call to discharge him? If the motion was based on his inability to manage his ministry, then the proposal would be justified. It would be interesting to see which opposition members will vote for the motion, because publicly, one of them has ordered the Minister not to resign.

It is so clear that the minister is not dancing to the tune of his piper, because it is rumoured that before the ink was dried on the minister’s resignation letter, one of his cabinet members made some inquiry as to the procedures into him becoming the next VROMI minister. Miklos had to fire him a long time ago. Besides, the minister had to expose the young MP, who is dictating how he should run his ministry.

With regard to the Minister of Justice, he too is being caught up in a spider web, spun by those who have used him for their benefit. Now that he has served their purpose, and is refusing to bend to their wishes, they want to push him aside. When it was announced that the coalition asked two ministers to resign, the people need to question if it’s the entire coalition, or a few rabble rousers, acting on behalf of their captain?

Yes, the minister has failed to communicate effectively with the people, but what does one expect of an introvert? A few years ago, an inmate was shot dead in prison. Did the then Minister of Justice resign after this horrific crime? Children are being molested every day. Guns and drugs have literally penetrated every district in this community. Which Justice Minister has done the honourable thing as gesture of his failure?

Finance Minister Perry Geerlings has done a horrible job with the budget and should take full responsibility for the chaos he has created. To present a budget on the heel of the upcoming financial statement is unacceptable. This is a display of his incompetence and a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. His cocky attitude has defiled him. For sure, he would have been better off if he had hired some local consultants and heeded the genuine advice of Parliament.

Minister Emil Lee needs an article for himself, but I will try to compact my thoughts. I believe the population is being bamboozled, every time this minister addresses the public. Whatever he says, one has to take it with a grain of salt. Minister Lee has never admitted his failures; instead, he tries to wiggle himself out of every situation that warrants any form of transparency.

Almost four years ago, Minister Lee campaigned on building a new hospital. To date, nothing has materialized, but he is still obsessed with an idea that was not his to begin with. Will the hospital be named ‘Emil Lee General Hospital’? And then he plans to erect another huge building. Why the obsession with buildings? I guess the population will be greeted with the sign ‘Welcome to Emil Lee Smart Complex.’

Well, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when MP Christopher Emmanuel asked the minister to pull up the letter on screen again. All of a sudden, the letter was nowhere to be found. Is this not a familiar scenario from the minister who claims to be transparent? And, I must say that the Vice Chair ought to be ashamed of himself, to allow the minister to get away with that tactic. But as the saying goes, “The longest rope has an end.”

Chairlady Sarah Wescot-Williams, it is time to acknowledge that Minister Emil Lee has failed miserably; therefore, you cannot in good conscience keep him there any longer. Your decision to recruit him has been the worst judgment of your political career, which has eventually led to the demise of the Democratic Party.

MP Wescot-Williams, you have no control over the minister’s heart, thoughts or decisions. What he thrives on is your support. Therefore, for the good of the people and this country, it is time to withdraw that support and send him home!  

Joslyn Morton