Dear Editor,

  Please allow me to use this platform to air my concerns as a senior citizen.

  I’m an elderly independent woman who has lived in St. Maarten for over 40 years in various districts of the island.

  I enjoy gardening and I have put a lot of effort in watering, grooming and maintaining my private gardens and property landscaping for years. I am now in my golden years where I can now enjoy the beauty of my blossoming gardens despite the devastations that Irma and Maria brought to my wonderful plants.

  The other day I was walking my dog in my private driveway and I saw a stranger with a knife trying to steal my aloe plants that I had been growing for many years. I was very upset and angry that this person was doing this in my private property without permission no less. I scolded him and asked him to please leave my aloe plants alone.

  I returned into my driveway to continue walking my dogs, and my daughter-in-law informed me that there was a man peeing in our private roadway and his car was blocking the road. He did not even greet or apologize for doing this and just drove away.

  Another day I also caught two women again trying to steal my beautiful aloe plants without my permission in my driveway and I informed the ladies that this is private property and that they should purchase their own aloe plants or at least ask permission. The women informed me that they were using the plant to make their natural hair products.

  I love nature and I try to preserve it and I spent many years doing that and I think it is very disrespectful that people think that they can just come into my private property to take up my beautiful aloe plants and use them without asking.

  I would therefore like to ask these persons to leave my aloe plants alone and go and grow your own.

  This is fair warning as I have chosen not to contact the authorities about these “aloe plant robbers”. But just to be clear, I have surveillance cameras and I also have your number plates should you attempt to try to steal my plants again.

  I love my private garden. I have worked many years to enjoy it so please stay away and leave my aloes alone!

  Thank you for your understanding.


‘Guardian of MY Gardens’

Name withheld on request.