Dear Editor,
Nearly 10 months after Hurricane Irma, the Cupecoy area is still under severe threat caused by the destruction of Ocean Club. Aside from blocking the entrance to the property, no debris has been picked up which is not only an eyesore but poses a serious danger to the surrounding properties.
I don't know if they are waiting for insurance money, although I understand that they were insured for only about 20 per cent of their actual damage claim, but Cupecoy should not have to endure the destruction that their flying debris will cause.
We implore the Government to step up and solve this problem. The buildings are not recoverable and the area needs to be bulldozed. The land is far more valuable cleared than in its present condition.
The immediate potential victims of allowing Ocean Club to stay as it is throughout the current hurricane season are Sapphire Beach Club and The Blue Mall – both of which sustained damage from the demise of Ocean Club. Further potential harm to Porto Cupecoy and Shore Point can easily occur if the winds are only a fraction of what occurred with Irma.
We are already one month into the hurricane season. This clean-up will not be easy and it will take time. Please do not wait and hold endless meetings about this issue – we need action now.

Concerned residents and businesses in Cupecoy