Dear Editor,
In ancient times natural disasters were always blamed on the politicians. And in this case with Irma I agree full-heartedly that I believe the same today.
The frustration over the pretentious governments on both sides of the island that has angered the people to the max has finally exploded in a disaster so big that it will unite the people and the small businesses. The politicians better help them as real as they can, or they will end up as the aristocracy under the blade of the guillotine.
Politicians need to have certain virtues, abilities. It was figured out in the same ancient times. Then some entities spoke of the “Wise Men” who made the laws. The “wise men” needed to have certain skills, or they would not be able to fulfill their functions.
Here are 9 virtues as they gave as advice to the Emperor, the Supreme and Sacred Ruler. Such rulers do not exist today, or they are the men behind the controls of HAARP. If they had any of the 9 virtues we would not be in the mess we are, read on to the end.
Virtue Nr. 1: Affability coupled with dignity.
Nr. 2: Liberality with Standfastness.
Nr. 3: Hard Frankness with respect.
Nr. 4: Ability to reign with dedication.
Nr. 5: Docility with boldness.
Nr. 6: Honesty with Friendliness.
Nr. 7: Easy unconstraintness with discrimination.
Nr. 8: Boldness with sincerity.
Nr. 9: Braveness with righteousness.
If one person has three of the virtues He is good to lead a group.
When he has 6 he can manage a business of State.
And one who has all 9 virtues will be honored for appointments in the highest places.
Do some soul-searching, cabal of ruling elite: Do you have even one or two of these virtues?
Keep studying thyself.!

Chamba Chada

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