Dear Editor,

It is so incredible how some situations have become more mysterious than the “Nancy Drew” series, yet hardly anyone seemed to be bothered by these gradual episodes that are forever changing the landscape of this country. What has happened to that fighting spirit of the people who are indeed the real overseers of this land? Has their desire to demand answers diminished due to the mounting distrust that is plaguing the political administration?

Case in point: How many times have we read that several passengers were nabbed at Juliana Airport with drugs – sometimes swallowed, strapped to their bodies or packed away in suitcases? The inexplicable thought that dominates my mind is: How is it that these offenders pass through security from wherever their flight originated without being detected? Similarly, how is it so that shipments of drugs are confiscated at the Harbour on a periodical basis and there is no indication of where it came from? The dominant question is: Are these just random circumstances or a fragment of a larger missing link?

The most intriguing aspect of these situations is that in recent years, after the drugs have been confiscated, there is absolutely no mention of the smuggled goods again. If the situation occurs on the Northern half of the island, the drugs are destroyed and the process becomes public knowledge. What happens to the confiscated contraband in the South? This brings to mind a topic that needs to be tabled for a well-spirited discussion: Should impounded monies be used to “combat” this illicit trade or go up in smoke?

Anytime a crime is committed that involves firearms, the focus is always on the brazen act of these youngsters, but never on who is supplying the weapons. Equally, when the youth are forced to sniff cocaine and other hard drugs the finger is pointed at them instead of the drug pushers. Why is this? In past articles I have said that whenever a country is overrun with drugs and guns, persons in high places are directly involved. Has anyone paused for a moment to deliberate the possibility that adults are behind these vicious crimes? So, it is time that law enforcement quit demonizing the youth and target the source.

Over the years, has anyone really paid attention to the numerous ads that were

placed in the newspaper regarding lost passports of nationals from this one Asian

country? Almost every week a different name appears. Was this a sincere act or was this the strategy to anchor and gradually take over?

Now let’s get real. I am curious to know what was the population ratio in 10-10-10, versus what it is at present. If the community remains this complacent, in the next five years, the Afro-ethnic people may not be the dominant group anymore. The governor and prime minister may very well be one of those who blinded the authorities under the pretence of losing their passports.

Where do local universities get their human remains from to experiment and how do they discard them after use? How come this never became a public discussion? The Village, which is the people’s property, is under heavy dispute because one of these politicians has taken it away and now hides behind a foundation. Then they want to get upset with the Dutch for denouncing corruption? SCDF has to keep the pressure on even if it means taking the matter all the way to the Supreme Court. If there is such a resistance to stifle the cultural and educational advancement of the people, then Walter Plantz was not designed to promote the ambitious small man. When these business owners submit their rental fees, in whose account does the revenue goes?

Have we realized that the entire world is being controlled by just a few people – persons who have exploited our weaknesses and stole our freedom just to enrich themselves? Yes, technology is important but to what extent? Why would every device have a built-in camera and tracking mechanism? There is more to this than just convenience. Very soon we’ll all become like robots. They will control every move that we make. Not even going to the bathroom and having sexual intercourse would remain a private affair.

Speaking of sex: Why hasn’t the world challenged the internet proprietor to erase pornography completely from its server? This prickle is a constant contamination of the minds of our youngsters. It is so sad to see that nothing is sacred anymore. Why has the truth been concealed from the people and no one wants to be held responsible? I’m just curious, how about you?

Joslyn Morton

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