Dear Editor,

Everywhere you go, be it on social media or here in St. Maarten, the truth is becoming now the new hate speech.

The dangerous part is that many people who proclaim they like the truth are who actually oppose it. Do you know having money now means you are a good man or a good woman?

Some people call a man with money a good provider but do they check to see how he is accumulating his money.

Some people call a woman a good woman because she has a beautiful body.

But do they know if she has a clean heart? But let’s keep it in St. Maarten; once you are making a quick dollar and you can pay bills for some women they will call you a good man.

But morality does not matter anymore; it is all about the money. But if you tell women and men that you will be labelled offensive and they will call that hate speech.

The truth is in a class by itself. Because truth shines a light on darkness. Look how many young ladies love hanging out and being involved in a relationship with gangsters and drug pushers.

We see it and we turn the blind eye because the truth is too painful and it is in a class by itself.

We train our sons to be macho men, but doing that on the other end of the stick means your daughter should be like a whore. It takes two hands to clap.

But if I say that, it will be called hate speech and offensive.

We always talk about education, but the first education should be taught at home. This education is called values and morality.

Education does not make you a decent person, education gives you the tool to attain wealth and success but that does not make you a good and decent person.

Strippers and Gigolos get rich by selling sex or the beauty of flesh; does it makes them a good man and woman eventhough they may be a good provider.

The conclusion is if we truly believe in hope and optimism then we should promote values that foster a good and healthy lifestyle.

The truth will remain in a class by itself if we do not change for the better.

The patriot Miguel Arrindell

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