Members of the Advisory Board with Government Commissioner Marcolino “Mike” Franco (right) and Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers (second right). (File photo)


ST. EUSTATIUS--The public entity recently made it known that there are five positions available on the Advisory Board (“Maatschappelijke Raad”). The open positions are for three adults and two junior members ages 16 and 18 years.

  The Advisory Board was formed after the Island and Executive Councils were dissolved in February 2018. The names for the board were selected with the assistance of the former acting island governor and other individuals, who asked persons to join the board to represent a wide selection of the St. Eustatius community. The board is a mixture of both men and women and currently consists of 11 persons.

  Government Commissioner Marcolino “Mike” Franco stated earlier that the board “is not static. At certain times we can add more people on it or if we see that someone is not attending the meetings, we will remove that person and put someone else in their place.”

  The public entity is requesting Dutch passport-holders who are permanent residents of Statia to apply for a position on the Advisory Board. As members, persons will participate in meetings with the government commissioners at least once every six weeks, during which they will gain insight into current issues. They will be given the opportunity to give their solicited and unsolicited advice in various matters to ensure public participation in the administrative process.

  Persons interested in forming a part of the board are requested to submit a letter to the Executive Council on or before December 6. The five new members of the Advisory Board will be selected by way of a “ticket-system.”  The position is non-political.