The Hyundai Sonata parked outside La Belle Creole is suspected of belonging to the deceased.


MARIGOT—Two ladies walking their dogs in the grounds of the former La Belle Creole Hotel property in Baie Nettle discovered a lifeless body hanging in one of the ruined buildings on Sunday morning between 8:15 and 8:45

  The walkers entered the property from the David’s Hole end and were about to turn left for the beach when one of the dogs faltered outside one of the buildings. It was there they saw the body hanging from a rope inside the building. The witnesses were asked to wait until the Gendarmes arrived to show them the exact location.

  French-side Vice Prosecutor Yves Paillard, on the scene, confirmed the deceased was a Dutch male in his 30s, mulatto in appearance.  “Our investigation is under way to make sure the cause of death is not suspicious and to identify the body, said Paillard. An autopsy should be performed this week. Contact has been made with the Dutch side police as he appears to come from the Dutch side.”

  A burgundy coloured Hyundai Sonata with tinted windows and Dutch side plates was parked outside the La Belle Creole entrance on the main road and is suspected of belonging to the deceased. It was understood the Dutch side police might have been searching for him in an attempted rape case.