Head of the MAC-CSE’s Management Team Lavonne Cort addressing students on Monday.

EBENEZER--The student population at the Methodist Agogic Center-Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC-CSE) has hit the 207 mark, when fifty new students joined the school’s first form for the new academic year on Monday.

This is up from the school population of 174 last year. Team-building exercises and a historical country tour are amongst the activities MAC-CSE has planned for its incoming students this week.

A number of students will also be trained in first aid response and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), so that they are able to assist in the event of an emergency at the school, Head of the MAC-CSE’s Management Team Lavonne Cort said during the first school assembly for the new academic year on Monday.

The team-building activities will be held at Emilio Wilson Park on L.B. Scott Road on Thursday, and a tour of St. Maarten will be held on Friday. On both days, parents are urged to drop their children off at Emilio Wilson Park. Other activities will be held this week for incoming students.

Cort also highlighted the number of clubs that exist at the school which students can join to expand their horizons, including French and Environment clubs.  

“Learning is a gift from God is the jump-off point for this year. Everyone can and will learn because God has provided them with the ability to do so,” Cort told The Daily Herald. “The reopening of school was excellent with full student turn-out for the first and fifth form students, who were asked to return [on Monday – Ed.].”