Herbert “Prince” Martina

 PHILIPSBURG--Herbert “Prince” Martina, who contested the 2018 election as National Alliance (NA) candidate #14, has tendered his resignation to the party.

  Martin said in a press release on Monday that in July, a letter was addressed and hand-delivered to National Alliance leader Silveria Jacobs indicating his desire to resign from the party.

  “There were several reasons for the departure from the party, mainly being the feeling of indifference with the party and its dealings with key supporters,” Martina said in the release.

  He believes the party has lost touch with its core message and has lost focus in relation to its affiliates and party supporters.

  “At this time, he feels that nothing can be done to restore the confidence he once had with the party. This, among other items, has led him to make this decision.

  “It may seem surprising that a candidate who with every election has risen in numbers would choose to break loose at this time, thus no buzz about elections or a nonelection year. However, Mr. Martina cannot be part of an organisation of which he disagrees with policies that the leader holds dear and still go along just to be a part of it all,” Martina said in the press release. 

  “Despite this, Mr. Martina would like to thank the party’s leadership and fold for making him feel at home and would like to wish the party well in their endeavours. The National Alliance has taught him as a candidate a lot and has shaped him within this element to what he has become today. Mr. Martina will continue to work in his current capacity within the community and community-based organisation. As he will also continue to be a guardian of social justice and equality of all.”