Water sample and indication of result.


PHILIPSBURG--Great Bay Beach water is contaminated with sewage. This was detected in water quality tests conducted by Nature Foundation following last week’s heavy rains that flushed a high volume of runoff water from the land into the bay. 

  The samples showed the presence of coliform bacteria, an indicator of sewage.

  Nature Foundation urges sea-bathers to exercise extreme caution when using the beach, in particular east of Captain Hodge Wharf.

  “Unfortunately, we have recorded some concern of the water quality in Great Bay. … These results again highlight the urgent need for the country to address wastewater management and the way we manage runoff onto our beaches,” said Nature Foundation Manager Tadzio Bervoets.

  “Any drop in water quality results in damage to coral reefs and seagrass beds, and may also cause ear infections and skin irritation in swimmers and bathers in affected areas.

  Beaches are our most important natural and economic resource and we have to ensure that the quality of our seawater is always at optimal quality.”

  Runoff from the communities surrounding Great Bay as well as the opening of the Great Salt Pond floodgates resulted in the decreased water quality at Great Bay Beach, prompting the foundation to carry out water quality tests.

  Nature Foundation will continue to monitor the water quality at Great Bay Beach and will communicate subsequent test results.