PHILIPSBURG--For the fifth year in a row, K1 Britannia Foundation is taking part in the annual SXM DOET event. The foundation will be hosting two projects aiming to stimulate reading and storytelling throughout the community. 

  SXM DOET is an initiative that facilitates country-wide volunteering, which encourages altruism and community bonding. This initiative ensures that the community organisations get the help they need, while cultivating a sense of fulfilment for the volunteers.

  K1’s main project on Friday, March 15, “Help build little free libraries,” is in need of 7-10 volunteers. The inspiration behind the project is seeing the recent temporary closure of St. Maarten Jubilee Library and the need to facilitate learning and leisure reading by easy access to reading materials.

  By placing creative wooden libraries in communities, K1’s ultimate goal is to inspire the community and encourage persons to share their favourite books with complete strangers, with the opportunity to take a book. The idea is to invoke the spirit of giving, trust and community building.

  Volunteers will be building five “Little Free Libraries” to be placed in community areas. The building process will require the assembly of wood, the fastening of hinges, and painting and beautification of the bookshelves. The team will need to use their team-building, communication, and creative skills to work together to build a mini-library from scratch.

  K1 encourages not only families, friends, and colleagues to sign up, but especially construction workers, carpenters, builders and anyone with skills and interest in carpentry to assist with the project.

  K1 Britannia Foundation has a great focus on volunteerism through its local and international volunteer programme, and strongly believes in SXM DOET’s mission to help encourage volunteerism and community service by showing how fun, creative, and gratifying volunteering can really be.

  To sign up as a volunteer for SXM DOET, visit and search for K1 Britannia, which will direct you to K1’s projects.