Clayton J Lloyd International Airport entrance

 ANGUILLA--Governor Tim Foy and his staff congratulated the team at the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (CJLIA) for all the work leading to the nomination for the prestigious Jane’s Air Traffic Control Awards 2019 in Madrid Spain.

  CJLIA was short-listed, one of four finalists, in the category of Service Provision Award for contributions to a safe and efficient airspace. A release from the Anguilla Air and Seaport Authority (AASPA) said, “The CJLIA’s implementation of its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) was approved in September 2018 following the damage sustained by Hurricane Irma. This is a remarkable feat given the devastation and the timelines to have the CJLIA rebound to unrestricted services.”

 Though the damage sustained by Hurricane Irma was severe it served as a catalyst to expedite the CJLIA’s plan to phase out the use of the Non-Directional Beacon (NDB). The NDB had become obsolete technology and a new course was already being chartered by CJLIA prior to Irma. In March 2018, the AASPA contracted consultants Helios, a British-based aviation consultancy company, to work with the team at CJLIA to help compile the data and prepare the analysis needed to be able to publish new GNSS IAPs. On September 17, 2018, CJLIA received regulatory approval for operational use of the GNSS IAPs to commence, thereby restoring the ability to conduct all-weather and night-time operations without restrictions at the Airport in time for the 2018/2019 tourist season

 Ben Vogel, Editor of Jane’s Airport Review in his announcement article explained, “These are no easy achievements, as flight volumes continue to soar and airspace capacity pressures increase, so our independent panel of judges faced a complex task. We thank them for their efforts and we look forward once again to announcing the winners during World ATM Congress.”

  The AASPA has announced it is grateful to the United Kingdom Government for the support from its technical assistance personnel and for the provision of grant funds for the restoration of the services at CJLIA following Hurricane Irma. Thanks were also extended to the Governor and his staff, the Chief Minister and his Ministers and the management and staff at the airport.