MAHO--Police conducted a special operation at popular night spots in the Maho area after 11:00pm Friday. Several persons were detained for not having legal documentation allowing them to work in Dutch St. Maarten.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said the action was part of the crackdown on illegal immigration announced last week.
The officers asked persons in these establishments for proof of residency on the island. Details about how many persons were detained and their nationality will be released later this week, according to Henson.
The Daily Herald understands that drugs were found on persons who intended to sell the substances to club- and restaurant-goers. “It is no secret that it happens frequently in the area,” according to a business owner, who commended police for the attention to the busy nightlife area.
Police intend to continue their actions throughout the island and remind the public to walk with proper identification to avoid any inconvenience. Just last week, Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman met with Police Chief Carl John in efforts to increase compliance with immigration regulations on the island.

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